Buy a video.

Brand a video.

Post your video.

Social Media Content made easy.

Feed Your Monsters knows how hard it is to constantly feed your hungry digital platforms. We’ve made it easy to supplement your original content by creating ready-made content that’s affordable, brandable, and exclusive. So what does that all mean?


Once you’ve got the videos you want in your cart, you simply purchase them and download them. We give you the original files you can add your own logos, intros, and end cards and really make them yours. Then you upload the file to your social media pages. Why is uploading the file important? Uploading your own file instead of sharing something shows the social media platforms that you are a content creator, not just a content sharer. And the more content you create, the better you look to the algorithms.


Every piece of content in the Feed Your Monsters store has limited availability, meaning there’s a restriction of 50-100 downloads per video, GIF, or flatlay. Sharing the content with others lowers the price for you, but limiting the number of buyers means it’s unlikely you’ll ever see anyone else with the same content as you. Think of it like a steak- lots of restaurants sell steak (and many get it from the same suppliers) but each of them puts their own spin on it to really make it their own. Same goes for video- you may share the original video with a select group, but what you add to it, how you share it, what you write in the post, is all you.


With prices under $100, you can afford to feed your digital monsters multiple times a week or a month, all for far less than you would pay a video team for original content. Even if you know how to create video, it’s easy to forget about the cost of spending your time doing something that isn’t your core business.


We see all your social channels and digital platforms as hungry little monsters, begging to be fed. They love to eat video, but who has the time to create lots of amazing content targeting your audience? You’re busy building a business- our business is building great video content you can use.

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